Research Internships


Students who are not enrolled at the Ruhr-University Bochum but rather at another German or foreign university and are interested in an intensive research internship over several weeks as part of our interdisciplinary team of scholars are invited to inform themselves about our research program and its possibilities.


Our Research Areas of Concentration (among others):


1. Cultural psychology and indigenous psychology


2. Intercultural communication, coexistence, and competence


3. Cultural comparisons of the Self and identity


4. Conflict and violence in modern societies


5. Religious experience and orientation


6. Feminist psychology


7. History of psychology and the psychologicalization of modern societies


8. Human optimization and normalization (especially within the life sciences and psycho-sciences)


9. Psychology’s philosophical foundations


10. Methodology and qualitative methods of psychology and the social sciences


11. Social and cultural diagnoses of our times



Application Requirements

Students interested in these topics, and in witnessing firsthand how scholars address them in their research, are invited to apply if they have the requisite experience and background.
For research internships, we will consider applicants from universities within Germany or abroad (EU and beyond) wo are studying for degrees in disciplines that correspond to our own research topics.

These include, for example:
• Psychology
• Ethnology, social- und cultural anthropology
• Cultural sociology and the sociology of knowledge
• Cultural philosophy
as well as interdisciplinary degree programs like:
• Intercultural communication and competence
• Cultural Studies
• Gender Studies
• science and technology studies
• Media studies

If your course of study falls within this spectrum and you are motivated to address one of the research topics above in both academic study and empirical research, you are invited to apply for a research internship.
Such internships typically last six to eight weeks and are unpaid; the applicant is responsible for all associated costs (e.g., living and travel expenses). The department chair will support the application of suitable candidates for outside funding (DAAD, etc.) for the research internship. In addition, the department provides some assistance with practical matters including the search for accommodations.

Close supervision ensures students can expand their research expertise in the departments's areas of research during these internships. To this end, interns are involved in a number of diverse aspects of research (depending on the current interests and projects within the department).

Applications and the usual accompanying documentation (CV, transcripts, statement of academic interests) can be submitted at any time to the chair of the department, Prof. Jürgen Straub. Please be aware that internships are only offered during the semester.