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Gender Studies in a relatively young research discipline, in which the categories of gender and sex are analyzed in varying historical, cultural, and political contexts. Gender shows the social and cultural constructions of sex, gender, and their associated roles and norms. Gender as a social category does not stand alone, rather always in combination with other categories such as race, ethnicity, and age.


Students learn an intersectional approach to gender hierarchies and realities and cast critical perspectives on gender and gender relationships. Research areas and discourses include postcolonial studies, disability, studies, masculinity, queer studies, and critical whiteness. Interdisciplinarity shapes researching and teaching gender here at Ruhr-University Bochum. At home at the Faculties of Social Science, History and Philology, the department and its two study programmes are conducted by six network chairs with expertises in Gender Studies. Researchers, teachers and students equally benefit from the dynamic scientific processes evolving from this fruitful intedisciplinary fusion of research and teaching. The knowledge and competency about how social injustice works, how social categories are constructed and how to develop strategies to implement equal opportunities, are essential key qualifications which gain more and more importance in today's societies.


Consultation hour in lecture-free time

The consultation hour Gender Studies of Maximiliane Brand in lecture-free time will be on Tuesdays from 10-12:00. Please register into the list on the door.

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Gender Studies in Bochum

Faculties of core teaching in Gender Studies

Faculty of Philology Faculty of Social Science
Faculty of History
Institute of Media Science

Prof. Dr. Astrid Deuber-Mankowsky
Professor of Mass Media and Media Players, especially gender consideration


Prof. Dr. Eva Warth

Professor of Film and Television- construction of gender in film and television

M. A. Anja Michaelsen 

Research assistant to Prof. Astrid Deuber-Mankowsky

Gender Studies

Prof. Dr. Katja Sabisch
Professor of Gender Studies


M. A. Maximiliane Brand

Academic advisor/ Research assistant


M. A. Stefanie Aunkofer

Research assistant for the project  "Fathers in parenthood leave"



M. A. Anike Krämer

Research assistant for the project "Intersexuality among children in NRW"

Department of History

Prof. Dr. Maren Lorenz
Professor for Early Modern History / Gender History


Dr. Muriel Gozález Athenas

Research assistant

Roman Department

Prof. Dr. Lieselotte Steinbrügge  

Professor of Roman Philology, especially didactics of Roman Literature

Department Sociology
Prof. Dr. Heike Kahlert
Professor of Sociology/Social inequality and Gender
 Institute of Art History
PD Dr. Änne Söll
Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art History

Prof. Jonathan D. Katz, Ph.D.

Professor for Art History


Stefanie Leinfellner

Coordination of Marie-Jahoda Guestprofessorship/Research assistant to the chair of Sociology/Social inequality and Gender



Prizes and Recognition

Lore Agnes Prize 2005

The Gender Studies Program at RUB was awarded the Lore Agnes Prize on 10.11.2005.