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Organized Violence, new migration patterns, and development (ForMOVe)

The DFG-funded project in cooperation with the FU Berlin sets a focus on the current phenomenons of 'organized violence' and 'forced migration'.

Thereby the driving forces of those factors regarding their influence on individual and group-related migration patterns and regimes are being investigated.

Throughout an explorative approach combining quantitative and qualitative methods in a diverse and complex way, originial primary data shall be generated, as it is the aim of this research to provide an essential advance in contemporary migrational studies.







Pries, Ludger, 2021: Verstehende Kooperation. Herausforderungen für Soziologie und Evolutionsforschung im Anthropozän. Frankfurt am Main/New York: Campus.


Already published

Pries, Ludger, 2021: Migrationssoziologie im 21. Jahrhundert: Aus der Randständigkeit in die Mitte der Disziplin. In: Journal of  Migration Studies, Jg. I., Heft 1; Status, Challenges and Perspectives of Migration ResearchDOI

Pries, Ludger/Schramm, Christian/Wieschalla, Melanie. 2020. Traces and Sediments of Organized Violence in Biographical Narratives in Mexico. In: Bahl, Eva/Becker, Johannes (eds.). Global Processes of Flight and Migration, p. 145-162. DOI






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