Short term visits


LABEXCHANGE | Funding of short-term research visits for graduate students

LabExchange provides funding for:

  • RUB's graduate students (M.A. students) planning a short-term research visit at a partner university abroad
  • students of partner universities for a stay at the RUB.


The research visit can be a research internship, research in archives, libraries, work on research projects. It should last min. 2 weeks till max. 4 months. Research stays abroad are considered particularly worthy of being funded if students collaborate in joint research projects of the partner institution and RUB, thus deepening their discipline-related and intercultural competencies.


Funding type and amount

Students receive compensation for travel expenses and accommodation allowance. Country-specific compensation for travel expenses is granted for amounts ranging between 125 € and max. 1,950 €, as well as accommodation allowance for amounts between 300 € and max. 500 € per month, depending on destination and duration of the research stay.


Application requirements

  • The student is pursing the Master’s degree or is in the final stages of their Bachelor’s degree at RUB.
  • The research project is carried out at a partner university, i.e. there are established ties between RUB and the target institution. (Proof of contact)
  • The research project runs for min. two weeks and max. four months.
  • The project abroad is research-oriented, i.e. active participation in a research project or conducting individual research activities have priority, rather than attending lectures or seminars. The students may attend lectures that don’t exceed 4 hours per week, and they must acquire more Credit Points through the research activities than through lecture attendance.


Application periods

15th January for projects that start between 1st March and 30th June of the same year

15th May for projects that start between 1st July and 31st October of the same year

15th September for projects that start between 1st November of the same year and 28th/29th February of the following year


More Information here.



Thesis abroad with PROMOS

Students may apply for PROMOS when conducting research in preparation of the thesis at a university, company or organisation abroad (1 to 6 months). Eligible for funding are those projects lasting one to six months. The funding period starts on 1 January 2018 and ends on 28 February 2019. Scholarships will not be awarded to those applicants intending to attend courses at the host institution.


  • German citizenship or persons who are on a par with Germans according to § 8 Absatz 1 Ziffer 2 ff., Absatz 2, 2a und 3 BAföG (International degree-seeking students enrolled at RUB can be funded in all subprogrammes, as long as they do not intend to stay in their home country)
  • Enrolled at Ruhr-Universität as full-time students
  • Good academic records
  • Students need to be already admitted to the final examination when applying for this subprogramme. A topic has to be already assigned to them. If it is prohibited by the examination regulations to know the topic, students need to indicate the field of research/department they wish to write the thesis in. The coordinator has to confirm this assertion in a letter that has to be attached to the application.



  • Travel allowance between € 125 and € 1,950 (depending on the host country and duration of stay)
  • Monthly scholarship of € 300 (for the following countries the scholarship mounts up to 400 € or 500 €: Angola, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kongo, USA, Venezuela)

Applications of students who already receive public funding will be checked additionally

Tuition fees at the host institution are not included in the programme


More Information here.


Summer and winter schools

Summer and winter schools provide a great opportunity of intensive work on a concrete scientific topic and intercultural experiences during the semester holidays.


The International Office of the RUB provides a compilation of some summer and winter schools yearly.

DAAD has a good overview of the summer schools in East-Central, South-Eastern and Eastern Europe (Go East Summer Schools)