Welcome to the Junior Professorship for Healthcare and E-Health

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The junior professorship for Health and E-Health researches the impact of digitization on the healthcare sector. It focuses on questions of how (digital) technology can be developed and designed in a participatory manner and which factors affect the implementation of digital technology and how.



The results report of the project "Healthcare Start-up Ökosystem NRW 2021" has now been published. Read the report here.

The Handelsblatt reports on the study from the project "Healthcare Start-up Ökosystem NRW 2021". Read the report here.


Merkel, Sebastian & Langer, Henrike 2022: "Healthy and Active Aging in German Communities" read here in Korean.

Merkel, Sebastian & Huth, Diana 2022: "Digital Health Start-ups as Drivers of Digital Transformation - Challenges from the Perspective of Founders" read more here.

Endter, C., Merkel, S. & Künemund, H. 2022: "The Configuration of Older Users as Drivers of Innovation in the Design of Digital Technologies" read more here.

Merkel, Sebastian & Kucharski, Alexander 2022: "Echo, HomePod und Co. für ältere Menschen - Digitale Assistenten als Gewinner der Pandemie?" read more here.

Bauknecht, Jürgen & Merkel, Sebastian 2022: "Differences in self-reported health between low- and high-income groups in pre-retirement age and retirement age. A cohort study based on the European Social Survey" read more here.

Merkel, Sebastian & Knospe, Tim 2022: "Responsible Innovation in eHealth" read more here.

Merkel, Sebastian & Müller-Mielitz, Stefan  2022: "E-Health-Anwendungen als Motor der digitalen Transformation der Gesundheitswirtschaft" read more here.



We are looking for:

Students who want to be on the other side of research. Since we are currently looking for test persons for our dialog study within the scope of our project dexter, we are now offering the opportunity to do so.

The dexter project is taking on this challenge and developing a system that uses digital voice assistants, also known as smart speakers, to help people - even those without a basic understanding of digital technology - to contact caregivers in emergencies intuitively and without barriers.

If you would like to be part of this study, please contact Henrike Langer or Sebastian Merkel.





Room GD E1/155

Phone: 0234 32 25411


Consultation hours

Fridays from 1 pm. Consultation may be given online or on campus. Please register in advance by mail.

Upcoming Lectures

  • December 08,2022, 10:00-12:00 a.m., „Older Persons and Digital Technologies – User Representations and Configurations", UNIC Pop-Up CityLab Age Friendly Cities: Participation and Well-being of Older People via Zoom, Univerisät Koç